How to Add Post/Article link in Blogspot Blog Comment Backlink in English 2022

Blogspot Blog Comment Backlink create: There are many people who have just started blogging and do not know how to create backlinks. So in today’s post, you will discuss in detail how to create a comment backlink and its importance. Read the full post to understand all the information easily.


Why Backlinks are Important? Backlinks for Beginners

After creating a new Blogger and wordpress website, this site requires On-Page and Off-page SEO for quick indexing, traffic, and ranking on Google. On-page SEO can be done in the post by keyword research.

But to do off-page SEO you need to create different types of backlinks. Usually, these backlinks are of two types do-follow and no-follow.

Both of these backlinks can be created in different ways such as Guest Post, Profile Create, Comment backlink, etc. The do-follow backlink is the strongest of the two types of backlinks, do-follow and no-follow.

To create a comment backlink, you have to go to the website and create it. However, there are some websites where approval is available directly after creating a backlink, while there are some sites where after creating a backlink if the site owner approves, it will be available.

Creating backlinks increases DA, and PA on the website. Moreover, backlinks have been created on the website, when different search engines come to crawl this site, all the URLs of this site as well as your site will be indexed quickly. As a result, the post will quickly show up in the Google search engine and organic traffic will start coming.


How To Create Instant DoFollow blog comment backlinks

How To Create Article link in Blogspot Blog Comment Backlink

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a comment backlink by visiting a post or article on another website:

Step 1: First of all open the website you want to create a comment backlink and go to the comment box option.

Step 2: Then you have to copy the code given below.

Copy This Code

<a href="enter your url">enter Keyword</a>


Step 3: Now you need to edit this code to replace the URL and keyword of the post you want to take backlink. Notice the following examples for easy understanding.

  • original code: <a href=”enter your url“>enter Keyword</a> ।
  • After the change: <a href=””>suspense24</a> ।

All you have to do is enter the URL of the post you want to take backlink in place of enter you url in the code. In place of enter Keyword, you can put your domain name or post-related keyword.

Step 4: Once the code is edited, paste it into the comment box and click on the Publish option. Be sure to write some short text before the code. Such as nice posts, very good content, etc.

Most of these comment backlinks are no-follow backlinks. Those who will backlink the comment will try to put the link between 1-5 in each post. Because giving too much Link can lead to spam.


How To Find Do-Follow Blog Commenting Sites

How To Find Do-Follow Blog Commenting Sites

To easily find the list of Do-Follow Comment backlink sites, you need to go to the Drop My Link website. Then select the Category option, Comment backlink, and Footprint option Do-Follow Comments.

Now, if you type any keyword according to your Niche and click on the search option, the list will come in front of you on the Do-Follow website. Now you can open all these websites and create a Do-Follow backlink in the comment box.

Moreover, the most interesting thing about the Drop My Link website is that in addition to the Comment backlink, you will get the option to create backlinks in Guest posts, Submit articles, and many more.

Unlimited Blogspot Blog Comment Backlink Site Find

Unlimited Blogspot Blog Comment Backlink Site Find

To create your website’s related Unlimited Blogspot site comment backlink you must first find these websites. For that go to Google and type your website Niche or post-related keyword and search by putting Blogspot next to it.

Now all the Blogspot websites will be listed in front of you. You can go here and create any comment backlink. This is the same way you can find Unlimited Blogspot sites.



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