Easy Solved Error 521 Web Server Is Down Cloudflare Fix 2022

How To Error 521 Web Server Is Down Cloudflare Fix 2022
How To Error 521 Web Server Is Down Cloudflare Fix 2022

This article is about How To Error 521 Web Server Is Down Cloudflare Fix 2022. People who use websites on WordPress often have this problem 521 Error Web Server Is Down.

As a result, when you log in to your Domain or Hosting Cpanel, this 521 Error problem comes to the fore. Moreover, after many attempts, no access to the website.

Usually, those who are using shared hosting in the new WordPress are not aware of this problem. As a result, if you visit the website, the problem of writing Error 521 Web Server, in fact, many people are worried.

So in today’s article, I will discuss in detail How to fix the Error 521 Web Server Down this. And there will be complete information on my own ignorance, how I solved this problem. For those who are experiencing this problem for the first time, it is important to read this article in its entirety.

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How do I fix Error 521 web server is down Cloudflare?

Error 521 Web Server Is Down will show this page when you enter your website. Then, first of all, you visit your site with a few other mobiles to see if this mobile and what is the same problem.

If this problem appears on all mobiles, report the problem by contacting the hosting company from which you purchased the hosting. If they solve this problem then you don’t have to do anything else.

But if they do not solve your problem, and tell you that you need to change your Cloudflare IP. Then they will send you a new IP and a new C panel password via a mail.

Error 521 Web Server Is Down and Cloudflare ip change

You will need to log in to your Cloudflare account to resolve this issue. Then go to Cloudflare’s DNS option and you will see some text like the image above.

You need to change the IP code that you see in this place. And to change the Cloudflare IP, click on the Edit option next to it. Then put the new Server IP in this place and save it. So if your site gets Error 521 Web Server Is Down due to Cloudflare Server IP, it will be resolved.


Some important Information About Error 521 web server is down

521 Error Web Server Is Down, Cloudflare, and many more can be caused by problems. However, if you have problems with your site’s Cloudflare IP change, then you can use this method on your site.

Moreover, if you don’t know much about the website. Then you contact your hosting company and request them. So that it solves it. If they do, then you don’t have to use this method anymore.

Lastly, this method will not work for those who do not use Cloudflare on the WordPress website. You can let me know how you like this article by commenting. You can contact me on Instagram to know the solution to any problem.

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