Easy Monetize Adsense And Make Money From Blogging In 2022

Hi friends, AdSense has finally been approved on this site with your help. People who are less self-reliant can easily learn something new and Make Money From Blogging. So those who are new will get various information in this post including creating a blogging account.

Those who are new and still have not received Google Adsense approval. They have many kinds of confusion in their minds. Because every blogger has to spend this time one day.

When you first start earning money with Adsense approval, you will become a self-confident person. As a result, getting site approval for the second time will not be a problem. So below are the details, starting from creating a new Blogger account, domain, template, how many posts to write to get AdSense approval, etc.


What you need to know before starting a blogger

Maybe not all issues will be covered in this post. Here are some things to Know Before You Start Blogging. If you don’t understand the topics in the step-by-step serial, you will find out about the topics on YouTube.

2:➤ Creating a new Blogger account

3:➤ Blogger Logo Create

4:➤ Responsive Seo Friendly Template Upload and Customize

5:➤ Buy Custom Domain And Connect To Blogger

6:➤ Blogger Setting: Blogger has to do some important Seo Setting which should be done inside Blogger. Take a look at the following topics.

  • Site Title Name
  • Description Write 500 Character Word
  • Google Analytics Setup and add Property ID
  • Favicon Upload File Size 100KB
  • Meta tags Write 150 Character Word
  • Crawlers and indexing Setup
  • User Profile Account Setup

7:➤ Seo Friendly Post Write

8:➤ The name of the search engine showing the post

  • Google search console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Yandex Webmaster

9:➤ Create Some Important Pages

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Dmca

10: ➤ Keep that in mind before applying for Adsense

  • It is better to have 15-25 unique fresh articles of at least 500-1000 words.
  • Never make the mistake of writing a copy-pasted article in a video or inspiration.
  • No matter how you design the template, keep the site load speed good.
  • Make sure the posts are indexed in the Google search console.
  • When applying, properly put the Adsense code under the Head Code.


How to make money from blogging in 2021

You must be qualified to make money from blogging. For this, a blogger needs to set up completely and create value for his site to the visitors. And the main tool to create this value is to write high-quality content.

When you are able to write content according to the needs of the audience. Then your value will increase and the posts will also rank on Google soon. As a result, when you apply for Adsense will not be rejected. Our biggest problem is that we apply 15-20 low-quality articles to monetize quickly.

As a result, as the value of our site is low, it is rejected even after applying. So first of all build the value of the audience on the content and make money from blogging. Maybe one day you will get Adsense approval. Then if there are no visitors, you will not be able to generate any money from here.

As a result, you will start attracting visitors from different social networks to increase your revenue. Social network traffic actually gets a lower CPC of ads clicks. Moreover, if you bring extra traffic, then the Adsense account will be disabled for invalid traffic or there will be problems due to ads limit.

So what is the benefit of getting Adsense approval with so much effort if you can not earn? So a few words for all new and recent approvers. Try giving some good articles to Google first and make money from blogging.


Can I earn money from Blogger with Android mobile?

Many people think that only those who have a computer can make money from blogging. The fact is that you have a computer or a mobile device. If you know how to use all these devices, then everything is possible.

So one thing I can say is that blogging is possible with Android mobile. However, there may be some problems such as having a small display that will cause problems in different settings. But if you practice, it will not be a problem.

Those who will be blogging with mobile will have trouble writing articles. So you can buy a keyboard and OTG for quick article writing. Those who can’t connect keyboard and OTG with mobile can read this post below.

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How To Create a Blog And Make Money From Online

First, sign in with a Gmail ID that will open a blog account. Then search on Google and enter Blogger’s website. Then enter your blogger’s name and click the Next button.

Then enter the name of the blogger after coming to the Choose a URL for your blog option. If this text comes after naming the place of Blogspot, Sorry this blog address is not available. If you add any number then actually click the next button. Your new Blogger account was easily created.

After creating a blogger account, do all the rest of the work such as themes Upload, Sco setting, template upload, customizer.


How To New Blogger themes Upload In 2021

To upload a new template, go to Blogger and click on the theme option. Then you have to click on the icon next to the customizer option. After clicking 4 options will come back up, restore, Switch to first-generation Classic theme, Edit HTML.

Now try to understand carefully. You can upload the template in two ways. See the methods below.

The first method is to upload the template directly by clicking on the restore option. The second method is to copy the codes first and click Edit HTML. After entering, remove the old codes and paste the new code.

Those who use computers can use both methods. However, those whose mobile is better if they use the first method. Because of the small size of the mobile, there is a possibility of any mistake.


Can I Earn Money From Blogspot?

Those who don’t have money to buy a domain, but have a strong desire to blog, can monetize for free through Blogspot. Many people start writing articles by linking to free domain bloggers from different sites. And Google is waiting for Google Adsense approval.

So I will say something for their purpose, you can never monetize with a free domain. Instead, you can start blogging with the Blogspot domain that is given after opening Blogger.

The reason is that Blogspot is Google’s own and trusted domain. So those who don’t have money to buy a domain can definitely work with Blogspot. Although it takes some time to get Adsense approval, you can make a good income from here.

But it will only depend on you. Because if the post is not full of quality. Then you will never get approval for whatever domain you use.


Why Purchase Custom domain Buy for Blogger

Now a lot of questions will come to mind as Adsense approval is available on Blogspot. Then why waste money and buy a custom domain. So the answer to the question is that you must shift to WordPress at some point or another.

And for that, you will definitely need Custom. Because of the free connection with Blogspot Blogger, it is not possible to transfer your site to any other place. As a result, if you buy a custom domain, whether it is expensive or cheap, you can transfer it to WordPress in the future.


Which template to use for bloggers for Fast approval

There is no mention of why you need to use the template for Adsense approval. However, increase the loading speed of the site and use the SCO Friendly template. Because all these templates will open beautifully on mobile and computer without any problem.

Below are the names of some SCO Friendly Fast Blogger templates. You can use any one of them.

  • Magify Magazine Template
  • Minima Colored 3
  • palki 2
  • Supermag template
  • Volta Responsive Free Blogger Template
  • Quick Mag Magazine Blogger Template
  • SeoPro Responsive Blogger Template
Easy Monetize Adsense And make money from blogging In 2021
Easy Monetize Adsense And Make Money From Blogging In 2022


Friends, the article may be too long, but I have tried to show you all the ways to earn money from the blog. If you like it, you can definitely comment. You can contact us on Instagram in case of any need.

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