Mobile or Pc Create Favicon For Blogger And WordPress 2022

A favicon is required after opening a New Blogger And WordPress Account. Those who have already started blogging have very little idea about favicon. So in today’s post, we will know what favicon is and How To Create Favicon For Blogger And WordPress.


What is Blogger Favicon and what does it do

Blogger Favicon is a small logo that is located in the google address bar. When we search for something on Google, the small size of the logo in the URL of the address bar is Favicon. Moreover, if you search in Google Chrome for any topic, you will see Favicon next to the title. Those who use computers will see Favicon in each tab.

The real reason for this favicon is that visitors can easily recognize the site. Many times, if you search on Google with a keyword, if you find an article on a known site, you can recognize it through Favicon.

Because the favicon is created just like the logo. However, the size of the logo is slightly smaller than the Favicon. After creating the favicon, you need to convert it to Png or SVG format.


How To Create Favicon For Blogger And WordPress

The favicon can be done with both mobile and computer devices. First, learn how to make it online. Notice below how the online procedure can be done on mobile and computer.


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How To Make Favicon Online With Mobile And Computer

You will find many favicon generators online where you can create a favicon for free. So I will just talk about creating a favicon on a website, the name of the site is After first entering the website, you will get three options Image, text, and emoji. The work of the three options is discussed below:

1. Image Converter: If you have already created a log. Then by clicking on this option you can upload it and convert it to favicon.


How To Make Favicon Online With Mobile And Computer

2. Generate From Text: This option is the most important. Because here you can create a favicon manually for free. After entering your website first you will get the option to edit. Everything will be given here, you can just make a short website name, color, size design as you like.

After designing, you have to click on the download option above. The downloaded file will be in the ZiP file. Those who have a computer will unzip it. If you have a mobile phone, they will install software to unzip from the Play Store.

3. Emoji Favicons: Those who want to design a favicon like Emoji can use this option.


Create favicon with computer

The best software for creating Favicon with a computer is Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator. With the help of this software, you can create a Favicon and free logo in any design.

However, you can easily design with Adobe Photoshop CC. You will now find tutorials on this topic on many YouTube channels, including how to create Favicon and logs. You can use any software. Of course, first, determine the size and format it in Png format.


How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog

To add Favicon to WordPress, first, click on appearance. Then go inside by clicking on the customize option. Now you will get the Site Identity first, click on it and go to the bottom.

You will see below there is an option called the Select site icon, click on it. Then upload Favicon between 512 × 512 pixels and click on the save option. WordPress has different themes functions but most are done this way. Those who want to change the Favicon later can change it again by clicking on the Remove option.


How To Add or Change Favicon on Blogger

How To Add or Change Favicon on Blogger

To upload Favicon to Blogger, first, click on the Blogger Settings option. Then you have to click on the Favicon at the end of the first Basic column. Now upload Favicon within 100KB size 24x24px, 48x48px, or 96x96px.

If you want to change the favicon, you have to re-upload it by clicking on the Remove option like in WordPress. All of Blogger’s methods are the same.

Mobile or Pc Create Favicon For Blogger And WordPress 2022
Mobile or Pc Create Favicon For Blogger And WordPress 2022


In this post, I have tried to show you all the procedures for creating a favicon for Blogger and WordPress. Those who like the post can comment. Always keep an eye on this site to know the details about blogging and online income.

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