Only 1 Month Of Blogger Google AdSense Approval In 2022

Friends, everyone has this target to get Blogger Google AdSense Approval. Everyone is looking for different tricks for how to get quick approval in a new situation. So in today’s article, is it possible to get Google AdSense approval in just 1 month? I will discuss that in detail.

Everyone is confused about whether it is possible to Get Adsense Approval in a month or two. In fact, if you want, you can get AdSense approval for Blogger in a month. However, it is not possible for newcomers. This can only be done by older AdSense authorizers.


Why Newcomers Will Not Get Adsense Approval On Blogger In 1 Month

When you start blogging in a brand new way, you don’t know anything about it. The reason is that you had no idea about the income that can be made from blogging.

First, you have to create an account and learn to customize it. Then you need to know about writing articles, Seo, ranking in Google, submitting sites to different search engines, etc. There are many more things that are not possible in 1 month for newcomers to know.

Not that newcomers can’t get Adsense Approval on Blogger. Of course, he will be able to get it approved, but some time will have to pass. It will take a long time to find out all the information about Blogger. There are various issues related to Blogger Template that you need to learn.

Moreover, since you have no idea how to write an article, it will be difficult to write an article in the first place. As a result, it will not be possible to write 15-20 articles in a very short time. There is no benefit in applying for Google AdSense in Blogger as there is no article.

Usually, newcomers do a lot of wrong things to get approved early first. For example, copying content from other sites and writing articles through translation. The reason is that many people think that if you see an article from another site and write it yourself, it will be unique.

These things cannot be done in a new situation. Instead of writing an article in 1 day if necessary, write 1 article a week. Don’t make the mistake of posting an article copy from another site. This will result in an error of various policy violations and the site will never get approval.

So it was understood that it is possible to Get Blogger Adsense Approval. But it is almost impossible to get a new condition in 1 month. Because it will take you a long time to know all the information about Blogger.


How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger 2022

Getting Blogger Google AdSense Approval in a short time is only possible for older users. The reason is that they already have an idea about this subject. He has overcome the problem that you are now facing to get approval.

It can take up to 1-2 hours for older users to create a Blogger account, and make all sorts of customizing settings. Writing 2 to 3 articles a day is not an impossible task for him. As a result, he can easily write 40-50 Seo Friendly articles on his blogger site in 1 month.

If you write an SEO-friendly article, organic traffic will come automatically. As a result, there will be no traffic problems and no content writing problems. AdSense will be approved at once without any problems when you go to the site review.


How can a blogger get Google AdSense approval in just 1 month?

If you are new to Blogger, create a demo website first. A demo website also means Blogspot without a domain, which is available only after creating an account.


Below is some important information about Blogger

  • Now learn to do all Blogger’s Seo settings with the help of YouTube.
  • Then try to learn to customize the free blogger template.
  • Learn how to write articles.
  • Never download images from Google and use them directly.
  • Learn how to create your own thumbnail and use the various apps available for it.
  • Then learn how to submit your website to various search engine sites.
  • Learn to create backlinks to rank posts.
  • Learn how to rank on the first page of Google by doing keyword research.


So after completing all the processes, you will apply when the site is fully eligible for AdSense Approval. One thing to keep in mind is don’t apply for AdSense without creating a complete site. Create your own site as a brand before it will be easy to get approval.

Moreover, if you don’t get AdSense Approval, you can use Google Adsense Alternative. If your site has enough traffic, you can earn income in any way.


Which is the fastest Google AdSense approval between Blogger and WordPress?

Many are wondering which of Blogger and WordPress is the quickest way to get Google AdSense approval. So the answer to the question is that there is no mention in Google which one will be approved first.

Because no matter which medium you use, if the quality of the site is bad, you will not get approval in any of them. Because you don’t need to see AdSense, you are using Blogger or WordPress. The only condition is that the site will be created in accordance with some of their policies, then they will give you Google AdSense approval.

WordPress is a little ahead in the field of AdSense approval. The reason is that you can easily SEO your site. Moreover, you can easily solve all the problems on your site through speed and various plugins. This will help you to easily maintain Google rank and security.

But bloggers in this field are a little different. Because there is no facility to use plugging, you have to do all the work manually. If there is any problem on the site, it should be solved through coding. Which is a tedious task for new users.

Article SEO you need to manual. However, this is not to say that the blogger site will not rank in Google. You will be able to solve all the problems very easily when you learn everything gradually.

Of course, no matter which site you use, Blogger or WordPress. The new situation will be difficult to understand the function of the two mediums. But there is no reason to worry, it happens to everyone in the first instance. If you work hard, success will come one day


Only 1 Month Of Blogger Google AdSense Approval In 2022
Only 1 Month Of Blogger Google AdSense Approval In 2022


Finally, listen carefully to some important things intended for the audience. Don’t rush to get Blogger Google AdSense Approval. First, try to rank the site visitors and Google. No need to stress over AdSense Approval. In the new situation, everyone has to be a victim of this situation.

Success will come in creating the site properly following all the policies. I have tried to give enough information according to my experience. If you like the article, please comment and visit this site all the time to get this kind of information.

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