How To Any Blogger Footer Credit Remove From Template 2022

How To Any Blogger Footer Credit Remove From Template 2022
How To Any Blogger Footer Credit Remove From Template 2022

This Article is About Easy How To Blogger Footer Credit Remove From Template 2022. Those who use Blogger only need to purchase a custom domain. If everything else is used for free, then there is no problem with Approving Google Adsense in Blogger. As a result, those who are just starting blogging can use the free template.

If you start bogging with the Free template, the speed of the website and the field of Adsense Approval will not be affected in any way. However, the problem is that the footer credit of the free Blogger Template cannot be removed automatically.

As a result, when you install the Free template on your blogger, the organization that created the template will automatically redirect to the URL of their website.

Because you are using this template for free. So the benefits that you will get in a premium template, you will not get many free Blogger Templates.

Those who use premium Responsive Blogger Templates do not need to remove any footer credit. Because as soon as the template is installed, the name of your website is replaced by Automatic Footer Credit.

So those who want to solve the problem of auto redirecting from the footer credit of the blogger template to another website. The complete procedure for them in this article is discussed step by step below.

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How To Footer Credit Remove Code Blogger Step By Step

First of all, log in with blogger Gmail. Then go to the themes option and click on Edit HTML. Now copy the code below to remove Footer Credit From Blogger Template.


remove footer credit link from blogger template without redirecting


Step-1: Copy This code

Copyright HTML Code For Blogger

<p style='text-align:left;'>Copyright (c) 2022 <a href=''>suspense24</a> All Right Reseved</p>
<div class='ty-copy-container row' style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

Step-2: Edit copied HTML codes

Put the name of your website in place of suspense 24 in the copied code. Then enter the URL of your domain in the URL given in the code.

free Remove blogger templates without footer credit 2022

Step-3: Paste HTML Code In Template

Find the footer area of the template by copying the code. Now notice these texts in the Footer section of the Template. For example: Designed with by Way2Themes, Created By SoraTemplates, TemplatesYard, Copyright (c) 2022, etc.

Then find the text that will be in the Footer area of your Template in the Html code of the Template. Press Ctrl + F to get the footer area code easily. Now copy and paste the text that will be below the template into the HTML code, and find the right place.

Or find the copyright code of the blogger template just above the bottom of the HTML code of the template. Take a look at the image above for easy understanding.

Once you find the correct location, paste the copied codes with the space above this space. Then copy and paste the </div> code that will be given below and save it.

Now enter your website and see, that the new footer area has come to the bottom of the template. This method allows you to remove Blogger Footer Credit from any template. However, there are some Blogger templates from which Footer Credit cannot be removed.

Those who want to remove from Mobile Footer Credit Blogger Template can use exactly the same method. However, to use this method, you must turn on the Google Chrome browser’s desktop.


Blogger Footer Credit Remove Related Some Question

1. If I do not remove Footer Credit Remove from Blogger Template, will Adsense be approved?

Ans: Yes, of course, Blogger Adsense will be approved, but it is better to remove Footer Credit from the Template.

2. Which is better to use Blogger Free vs Premium Blogger Template?

Ans: It is better to use premium, it has many additional benefits besides speed. However, there is no problem with free, but some speed and additional benefits will not be available.

3. Can Footer Credit be removed by editing the code directly in Blogger Free Template?

Ans: Footer Credit cannot be removed by editing the code directly. However, there is a separate code for the footer credit that can be removed if used in the upper part.

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