Fast Adsense Address Verification Pin Not Received In 2022

Fast Adsense Address Verification Pin Not Received In 2022
Fast Adsense Address Verification Pin Not Received In 2022


This Article About Fast Time Google Adsense Address Verification Pin Not Received In 2022. When Bloggers or YouTubers get monetized by crossing all the guidelines, the next step is to do Adsense Verification.

When 10 dollars is completed in the Adsense account, a PIN is sent by Google Adsense. Because this PIN identifies the recipient and inside the pin, the letter is given a 6 digit secret code for Adsense address verification.

When the recipient uses this PIN in the Adsense account, the Address Verification task is completed. And as long as PIN Verification is not done in Adsense, no type of payment can be brought in the bank.


Adsense Address Verification Pin Not Received In 2022

After applying for the PIN letter, Google Adsense states that the PIN letter will reach the customer within 14 to 28 days. But in many cases, this time has passed, but the letter is not available.

I received the first verification pin letter about 40 days later. However, it takes a different time for each person to get the letter. Those who live in the city take very little time to get the Adsense letter, but those who live in the village take a little longer to get this PIN letter.

Google Adsense letter does not come as a result of not giving the correct information in the Name and address option. For those who are unable to fill out the new name and address forum, follow the information below


What To Do After Applying For The First Time To Get Adsense Pin Letter

Everyone is eligible to apply for an Adsense PIN letter once 10 Dollars is completed. And from the day the application for PIN letter is applied, a lot of curiosity arises in everyone’s mind.

For example: When will the Adsense PIN letter arrive at the post office, will the PIN letter be available for the first time or not, how long after this letter will reach the post office, etc.

I say this for the purpose of curious people when you apply for a PIN letter. Then if you follow some ā€¨steps you will get the letter for the first time without any problem.

Step-1: First, you have to fill in the address form correctly. Below is how to fill in the AdSense address.

Step-2: 5-7 days after applying for the AdSense address verification PIN, the post office address to which the letter will come, you contact the place.

Also, tell the postman of that post office the details of this letter. Then give your mobile number to the postman and you also bring his mobile number.

In this way, if any such letter comes to him according to your description, then he will contact you.

Then call every 4-5 days to find out if the Adsense Pin Letter has arrived. And after 8-10 days go and contact the post office by yourself.

If you follow these steps, you will hopefully receive the AdSense PIN verification letter for the first time. The AdSense PIN letter may take approximately 15,20,30,40 days to arrive.


How to fill in Google Adsense address to get an AdSense PIN letter soon

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How to fill in Google Adsense address to get an AdSense PIN letter soon

Adsense PIN letter is not available for the first time as a result of giving wrong information in the name and address option of Google Adsense. So how to fill this form, you can easily get a PIN letter for the first time without any hassle is given below.

Those who are new, read this part with deep attention. Moreover, any type of information used in any previous Adsense can not be given. If you need to use the old Adsense information, you must first Delete the old Adsense account.


First of all, use the name of your national card or smart card instead of the name. The spelling of the name must be correct.

Address Line1

Now in the Address Line1 option, you have to give the name of your country, division, district, police station, post office, and village name.

For Example: Bangladesh, Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Sreemangal, station, Jamshi

Address Line2

Give your mobile number in this option. Because when the Adsense letter arrives at the post office, the postman will contact with this number.


Give the name of the city where you live, or you can give the name of the police station.

Postal Code

Enter the post office code located next to the village or town where you live. Those who do not know the postcode can contact the post office to find out.

Phone number

Enter your mobile number in the last option.



Let me know in the comments what you think of this article. Moreover, those who have applied for Adsense correctly so far and have not received the letter need not worry. Because this letter will definitely come to you, but it takes more or less time in everyone’s field to get this letter.

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