Ads Limit Problem Solution, Prevent Invalid AdSense Clicks in WordPress

Ads Limit Problem Solution, Protect Adsense From Invalid Clicks WordPress
Ads Limit Problem Solution, Protect Adsense From Invalid Clicks WordPress


Google AdSense Ads Limit Problem Solution: After getting Google AdSense approval, the most worrying thing is that Ads Limit problem or disabled in AdSense due to Invalid Clicks. Moreover, today’s post will be very useful for those who are having Ads Limit problem on their website due to repeated Invalid Clicks.

Because today’s post will discuss in detail how to protect your website from Google AdSense Invalid Clicks or AdSense disabled very easily.

This post is only for WordPress users and those who use Blogger can read this post if they want, but this method cannot be applied in blogger.


How many traffic are actually safe to put Google Adsense ads on the website?

This question usually comes to many people’s mind, how many views or traffic on the website is it safe to put ads on Google Adsense? So I say to them if 50-100% traffic comes to the website and 70%-80% traffic comes from organic Google Search, then turn on Auto Ads. In this case, you can apply 1-2 manual ads.

But if organic traffic is between 40%-50% then just keep Auto Ads on. Moreover, if most of the traffic comes from social media or other platforms and organic traffic is 5%-10%, then it is better to keep Ads off.

Because of this, there is a possibility of Ads Limit or Google Adsense being disabled on the website for Invalid Clicks. One thing in particular, do not click on the ad on the website yourself or by using a VPN. Because doing these things will almost certainly disable your Google Adsense.


How Google AdSense Invalid Clicks plugins work?

As a result of using these plugins, if a person or bot comes to your website and intentionally makes more invalid clicks on Ad, then these clicks will not be counted in Google Adsense.

Many times you will see that the CTR of Google Adsense on your website has suddenly increased. If these plugins are installed on the website in this field, even if the CTR is high at first, all other clicks except the original click will be automatically removed within a few hours.


How to Prevent Invalid AdSense Clicks in WordPress

First of all you need to install these two plugins Ad Inserter and Ad Invalid Click Protector on the website.

Now launch these two plugins. Then come to plugins option on WordPress website dashboard, click on Settings option of Ad Invalid Click Protector plugins.

Now if you want you can complete the setting by looking at the photo below. Or read the detailed description about this setting step by step below and setup it.


How to Prevent Invalid AdSense Clicks in WordPress

Change the AdSense Invalid Click Protector Settings

  • Set the Ad Click Limit: This option determines the number of ads a person can click on.
  • Click Counter Cooke Expiration Time (default: 3 hours): In this option, specify the time limit, so that invalid clicks will not be counted during this time.
  • Set the Visitor Ban Duration (default: 7 days): In this option, if a person clicks Invalid, determine the number of days for which ads will not be shown in front of him.
  • Banned Country List – Put ISO ALPHA-2 Country Codes (Comma Seperated): In this option you can set the Country Codes of those countries where you don’t want to show your website’s ads. Country Codes of all countries are given in the form of links next to this option. Code: Here

You will find an option Banned User Details in Ad Invalid Click Protector plugins. In this option, the list of IP Addresses from which Invalid Click is displayed.


Adsense invalid click protector script Code

echo '<div class="aicp">
<Paste Here Code>
echo "Sorry! You are Blocked from seeing the Ads";


How to put AdSense Invalid Clicks Code in Ad Inserter plugins

After setting up Ad Invalid Click Protector plugins, copy the above code. Then come to plugins option on WordPress website dashboard, click on Ad Inserter plugins Settings option.

Now paste the copied codes in the code placement area of Ad Inserter plugin. Then go to Google adsense and copy the code of any Display, in article, Multiplex ad.

Now you will get a code <Paste Here Code> in the code that you pasted for Invalid Click in Ad Inserter plugin, paste the code of Google adsense ads here.



Friends, you can comment how you like this post. Moreover, those who are not getting organic traffic on their website, try to bring traffic to the website first. With 50-100 traffic, you can’t earn much on the website, but you have to face this problem.

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